Monthly Archives: January 2018

Resolutions from Samantha Arlow.

Now that I have had an opportunity to reflect on our first full year, it has certainly been an exciting project to set up and I have learned some key lessons along the way. It turns out those old business adages we often hear are not unfounded!

Adamantean has proven to me without a doubt ‘People buy from People’. We have been overwhelmed by the response from our network: customers, resellers and manufacturers alike. Many business owners have told us they remember what it was like to tentatively open the doors, and hope the business would come; and have consequently given us the opportunity to assist with their finance requirements. Some now have multiple facilities set up with us across a range of funders and I’m proud to have been able to continue those relationships under our own brand.

Our first year has also borne out that business opportunities are like buses – there’ll always be another one coming. For us this means a healthy pipeline of upcoming business, which includes cameras to cover the football, and a full TV studio fit out. But for our customers it means a need for flexibility and dynamic decision-making so that they can grab those opportunities with both hands.

Discussing funding options and setting up credit lines in advance means we can help you accommodate new enquiries, or changes of direction within a project, with ease.

But ‘we supply Good/Quick/Cheap – you can have two!’ remains my favourite, because it’s a continuing challenge. Whilst we pride ourselves on providing a good tailored service, and adding value with our depth of knowledge of the industry, our fast expanding funder panel and implementation of a dedicated Leasing specific CRM system mean we can also respond faster and offer more competitive pricing than ever before.

They say, ‘You can do big things with a small team’ so get in touch and let us be the small team that helps you achieve big things.

Happy New Year – An update from Duncan Payne

My first 6 months with Adamantean have been the most exhilarating of my career. Being your own boss is a big leap, and I’ve loved almost every minute of it. The thrill of the deal has never felt so good when you’re doing it for yourself, and the relationships I’ve built up with customers, resellers and manufacturers over the years have really helped me out. Thank you…you know who you are.

I’ve had a real cross section of customers, which always keeps things fresh. Two cameramen forming a new Company to buy their first ever piece of kit was a fun deal. And we signed the paperwork in a Shoreditch coffee house where my shaven chin stuck out like…well, a shaven chin.

Finding a new client close to your front door is always handy, and helping mine buy £250K of LED screens was made even more challenging as the Chinese manufacturer wanted payment before the kit left China. But we made it happen. Add in a £150K deal for a London TV studio, and a couple of RED cameras for an old friend running a camera hire company among a good number of other deals and I think we go in to 2018 in pretty good shape.

You’ll see lots more of us in 2018 I’m sure as we grow our business. We’re working hard for our clients, and who needs a social life anyway when you have your own business. Weekends are for wimps.

So when you’re looking for finance options for your next purchase, and fancy trying a different flavour, give me a call. If it’s a weekend, I’m pretty sure I’ll still pick up.

Duncan Payne